Bench Assembly Instructions

Convert A Bench Full Instructions (Download)


Assembly Instructions:

Two benches required for full picnic table.

NOTE: Please call the toll free Customer Service number 1-800-508-2253 with any assembly or parts problems. DO NOT CALL RETAILER or return product to retailer.


TOOLS NEEDED: Phillips head screwdriver and a 3/8″ wrench, or socket wrench, or adjustable wrench.

Parts List:

  • (A) 4 Large Planks (2 X 6)
  • (B) 2 Small Planks (2 X 4)
  • (C) 1 Small Plank with pre-drilled holes (2 X 4)
  • (D) 2 Arms (Left & Right)
  • (E) 2 Support Braces
  • (F) 2 Legs (Left & Right)

Hardware Pack:

  • 2 Hinge pins & 4 – 2 1/4 inch bolts with locking nylon nuts


Assembly Steps:

  1. Start assembly of bench bottom by inserting planking into the slots of one leg (F). Use two large planks (A) in the outside slots and one small plank (B) into the middle slot. (DO NOT use small plank with pre-drilled holes).

  2. Next insert small planking with pre-drilled holes (C) into middle slot of lower pre-drilled brace part of one of the legs (F).

  3. Attach other leg (F) onto the planking, making sure all four planks are completely inserted into all leg slots. Match up pre-drilled holes in the lower brace of both legs to the pre-drilled holes in the lower plank (C). Insert bolts from the hardware pack through the holes in the legs and lower plank. For a secure fit, this may require a small hammer to lightly tap bolts into place through the holes. Attach nylon locking nuts and tighten (but DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN). Sit bench upright.

  4. Assemble the bench back by inserting the planking in the arms (D), use 2 large planks (A) on the outside slots and 1 small plank (B) in the middle slot. Insert 3 planks into one arm and then slide the other arm on the planks. Make sure that each plank is completely inserted into each arm slot.

  5. Attach bench back to bench bottom by aligning the slot at the bottom front of the arm with the knuckle on the top of the leg. (This makes up the hinge of the bench). Make sure the bottom of the arm touches the top of the bench bottom. After these are aligned, insert the plastic hinge pin through the hole on the hinge. This is a snug fit which might require a screwdriver or hammer to tap in securely.

  6. Insert the 2 support braces (E) onto the pre-drilled small planking (C) under the seat of bench. When assembling braces, it is necessary to turn each one so it will lie flat, then push end onto plank. The seat of the bench will sit on the long part of the support. The smaller end of the support will slide in the small 2 X 4 pre-drilled plank. Space 2 braces at about 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 of the width of the bench, as shown).

  7. To convert bench into table, pull the back of the bench forward until the armrest sits on the leg assembly.