Space Saving RV Picnic Table from Convert A Bench

Space Saving RV Picnic Table from Convert A Bench

Having the right versatile seating can be a game changer when it comes to RV and camping. These space-saving benches can be used for so many different events, you’ll be amazed how easy your RV experience will be when you bring along Convert A Bench.

 Read more to find all the special ways you can use this wonderful product. 

These lightweight but sturdy benches are only 38 pounds each, however, they hold 1,400 pounds! Now that’s a win, win! You will be amazed how many different choices of seating you’ll have while outdoors. The Convert A Bench will make your life so comfortable while camping. 

There are so many different ways you can convert these benches for your RV camping needs the possibilities are endless. Enjoy a friendly drink or just chat, being in a comfortable seat with room for everyone will make you want to stay longer and enjoy your time together. 

You might need to do a little work while camping, happens to the best of us! No problem! You can turn the Convert A Bench around into a half table for work while still enjoying your friends. 

Is it time for dinner? No problem! Just convert your benches into a picnic table in seconds and you have your seating. Don’t worry about bringing extra chairs because Convert A Bench built them in for you, saving space and time. 

Bench or table, you choose how you want to sit, work or relax! 

From the RV to the lake! Do you need a front-row lake-view seat? You can move your bench anywhere you like while camping. This bench is easy to move and a freeze to convert into your style of seating. 

Going Fishing? Convert A Bench is so easy to move from place to place you’ll be so glad you have it in the wild.

 Here are just a few ways to use your Convert A Bench while fishing.

  • Comfortable seating
  • Tie Flies
  • Clean your fish
  • Holds your backpack or equipment
  • Bench seating while fishing
  • Lunch and dinner picnic table

You can tie flies or break for lunch, this versatile table bench combination will be ready for every event you need in a day. 

Whether you’re fishing or relaxing, Convert A Bench will provide a comfortable seat to enjoy! This is a  beautiful way to enjoy a precious moment with your family in the mountains. 

Would you homeschool here? What a great way to learn about nature or have an English lesson. Homeschool is not meant to stay at home or in a stuffie classroom indoors. What a great way to get fresh air, and enjoy your quiet surroundings while having comfortable seating to learn, listen and enjoy.

There is nothing more frustrating than showing up to your campsite and not having enough seating for your family and friends. Convert A Bench space- saving design can be stored inside your trailer or RV and assembled in seconds at your destination. Forget your camping chairs? No problem! Once you set up camp you will have all the comfortable seating options you need with Convert A Bench. You will be able to relax and enjoy your time camping because your breakfast, lunch, and dinner seating is taken care of. 

No matter where you decide you want to picnic, the Convert A Bench will be ready to go. So it is easy to move around from place to place. You can decide what view you want for the day and take your space-saving table with you wherever you desire. Surprise your family with a picnic at their favorite destination and decorate your table any way you want. When you’re done eating you will be amazed at how easy the table clean-up will be. Use a damp cloth and wipe it down, that’s all it takes. 

Before You Go…

Here are some other great ways to use your Convert A Bench. The holidays are coming and you are going to need extra seating. You can bring your Covert A Bench inside and use it as a table, bench, or buffet table. 

When you bring your table home from camping you can wipe it down with water and a beautiful Crae Home towel.  To see more of these beautiful towels click here. Now your table is ready for the holidays to begin. 

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