Holiday Table Decoration Ideas by Convert A Bench

Holiday Table Decoration Ideas by Convert A Bench

A beautifully decorated table can speak to your soul. When your guests arrive you want them to feel like you’ve gone to an extra effort to make sure their dining experience is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Your holiday dinner table should be a place to enjoy a meal together with the people you love. It’s an event that should be given extra thought to the details of the day and starting with beautiful Thanksgiving table decorations is a great way to start off this thoughtful, mindful day. 

Are you looking for that excellent table decoration for your Thanksgiving table to wow your guests?

Before you begin, here are some things to consider when decorating your tables for the holidays. 

How To Decorate Your Extra Seating Table.

You can make your extra seating a beautiful extension of your man table. It’s very important you make your guests feel like they’re part of your main table whether you are seating kids or adults.  Bring your Convert A Bench indoors and decorate with your beautiful holiday table decorations for a perfect fit. 


Convert A Bench Advantages

  • Chairs built right in
  • Converts bench to table
  • Converts table to bench
  • Converts to buffet table
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  • Space saving
Buffet Before

Buffet After


Lean into the Turkey Decor theme

You can’t go wrong using a beautiful turkey theme. It won’t matter if you have a chic, industrial, Italian-style home at Thanksgiving time, you can incorporate the Turkey Decor theme in any style you like. 


Adding Chic Chinoiserie

Adding Chic Chinoiserie accents can be fairly easy because there are so many items to choose from if you want to decorate with this ancient Chinese tradition. You can take this same theme into your Christmas decor if you like and there are so many different varieties to choose from. Pinterest and Etsy are just a few to shop around for the perfect Chinoiserie design you’re looking for. 


Don’t be afraid to play with color

You don’t need to stay with the traditional Thanksgiving colors. It’s anything goes, if you take the time to stick to one theme, you can pull it off. If your favorite color is purple, use it! Don’t be afraid, however, if you’re going to go in with a nontraditional color, go all the way. 


Get Creative With Pumpkins

Choosing to decorate your Thanksgiving table with pumpkins can pay off big time! There are pumpkins and gourds in abundance this time of year making it super simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. 


Use Autumnal Dinnerware

If you have extra space to store Autumnal dinnerware it’s a very festive option at Thanksgiving. However, you have the option to rent dinnerware for the holidays at your local wedding rental shop and will most likely have great dishware for the holidays. 

Incorporate Fruit In Your Holiday Theme

Using fruit in your table decorating can be colorful and also very inexpensive. Keeping with the holiday color theme you can find fruit with orange, yellow, green, and brown tones that can be beautiful to decorate with and guests can also eat and enjoy your beautiful fruit decorations with nothing going to waste. 

White and Green Colors Are A Foolproof Way To Decorate Your Holiday Table

Want a simple look? White and green together can be simple but elegant to decorate during the holidays. White dishes can be so classy and the colors you choose with your table decor for any holiday match your bright white dishes. Every holiday can be simple to decorate a table when you use white dishes, making your table different for each holiday depending on the colors you choose to decorate around them. 


Use Table Runners

Using table runners on your Thanksgiving table can add color to your holiday dining experience. Most table runners are inexpensive and if you buy solid-color runners you can change out for different table decorations throughout the year. 


Keep Your Table Neutral

Earth tones will always be a crowd-pleaser. Thanksgiving colors are very calming and can add to a warm dining mood. Decorating with neutral colors is always a go-to theme that’s very versatile especially when you add a splash of color to any holiday table decoration experience. 

Skip The Tablecloth

You don’t always need to use a tablecloth when decorating for the holidays. Depending on the color of your table, leaving it open can be simple and minimalistic. Use your dinnerware to decorate using colorful napkins with a pattern so your table will be a beautiful backdrop to the colors around your dinner theme. 


How do I decorate my Thanksgiving table on a budget?

Decorating on a budget can be very easy if you use what you already have in your home. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. Use simple things like pumpkins, flowers, or fruit. You can also get some great ideas from your local thrift store and purchasing a few things on a budget can go a long way while also being satisfying to make a table beautiful while spending just a little money. 


Candles Add A Beautiful Ambience

Candles make all the difference to the tone and theme of your table setting and add a great romantic ambiance to your holiday tables. A great candle helps create a beautiful calming mood. Using floating candles to your table decor adds a glistening light that makes your room dance with light. One of the benefits of using floating candles is you can light them and forget about them. Floating candles burn for hours and once they’re done burning they are in water so you can feel safe with no worries and just enjoy your evening. 

Chargers Can Add Extra Color To Your Table Decor

Charger can be so inviting when you decorate your table with these beautiful placemats. Your guests will feel like they have a little space to themselves and make your silverware and napkins stand out on their own. If you choose to use chargers and no tablecloth you can relax so that your table is protected from food or water stains. 

What should you do for a great Thanksgiving table setting?

  • Placemats or chargers
  • Plates
  • Napkins
  • Napkin rings
  • Silverware
  • Wine glasses
  • Water glasses
  • Bowls

How do you make a simple Thanksgiving centerpiece?

What Should Your Buffet Table Have On It?

  • Decide what to put your buffet table and what to put on the dining table. 
  • Put out your serving dishes that will be used on your buffet table               ahead of time.
  • Put drinks on a separate table.
  • Determine the flow of the buffet table.
  • Don’t forget the trivets.
  • Label each dish that you are serving.